sâmbătă, 4 aprilie 2015

Invitatia lui Beth (1) 


Beth Berman, o creatoare de arte frumoase din SUA, m-a invitat sa postez trei articole pe blogul grupului ei, "And Then We set it on Fire"
Primul meu articol este despre creatiile mele de monoprinting si va apare in 9 aprilie.
Multumesc, Beth!

Beth Berman, a US artist of Fine Arts, has invited me to post three articles on her group blog "And Then We Set it on Fire"
My first article is about my works in monoprinting and will be published in the April 9.

Thank you, Beth! 

Today I want to present some monoprintings. First I tried to do monoprinting on a ceramic plate. The things have not really successful, perhaps because I have not chosen the best color consistency.

For this, I supplemented by adding a few lines of drawing and the result is this ...

Then I made myself a gelliplate, a little one...

In this case, things went easier...



Then I tried to monoprint by using a plastic sheet...hum, could be better!!
Finally, I had to add some corrections, color effects, on the monoprinted sheet.

From all this, I was able to draw a conclusion: it is true that, working with gelliplate, things are going better.


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  1. Lovely Carmina !!!
    (I still have to start printing ..... I have a gelli plate ...
    just taking that step ;-) ...)
    I know that blog : some pretty fun things going on there !


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